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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a Squarespace Business plan?

Not anymore! Please contact us if you have purchased a plugin and have a Personal Plan.

Do I need to use Developer Mode?

No. Unless stated otherwise, all of our plugins do not require Developer Mode.

I’ve installed the code, but it’s not working. What’s wrong?

There are a few things that can be done if a plugin is not working. You can:
– Disable AJAX
– Confirm you’re using a supported template
– Confirm the domain is correct within your account
– Remove any previous custom codes that were not purchased from Squarepaste

If I have previously installed codes from elsewhere, can you confirm that it’ll work with yours?

Unfortunately, we really can’t confirm if one of our codes will work with others. However, we do try to provide instructions which support page-specific installations. This will enable you to add a Squarepaste code to one page, rather than site-wide.

Does Squarepaste create custom codes?

Not at this time. Sorry about that!

Can I add Squarepaste’s custom scripts to my website?

Yes. Steps to host our custom scripts are below:
1. Copy the link in the script src tag and paste it into your browser.
2. Download or save the src as a .js file.
3. Add a disabled page to your Squarespace website, then add a text block. Type the name of the file, then highlight the text. Click the Link icon, then the Files tab. Select ‘Add File’, then choose the appropriate .js file. After it’s uploaded, click ‘OK’, then ‘Add Link’.
4. Save the page, then right click and copy the link address.
5. Replace the src in Step #1 by pasting the new link address.


View our Help Center for detailed information and how-to’s.